Featured Artists
Anne Smith
Edna Smith
Grace Youngren
Judith Heller-Cassell
Rose Sielian Theriault

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A.Smith, Are the Stars out tonight, mixed, 9x7

A.Smith, Music from the Saturn, mixed, 19x15

R.S.Theriault, Stripes, Monotype, 9x12

E.Smith, Untitled, oils, 12x16

A.S. Are the Stars out tonight, mixed, 9x7

Grace Youngren, Don's Boots, c. pencil, 8x10

Judith Heller-Cassell

The Rochester Connection
Jan 6th – Jan 30th, 2004

Public opening
Sunday Jan 11th, 2 – 4 p.m.

Rose Sielian Theriault,Pear Squared, 4-plate etching, 6x6

Edna Smith, Behind the Barn, oils, 14x16

Edna Smith, Rock Group, oils, 12x15

Edma Smith, Snow Scene, oils, 9x9

Grace Youngren, Puffins, c. pencil, 7x11

Judith Heller-Cassell

Rose Sielian Theriault, Artichokes, 4-plate etching, 9x12

Rose Sielian Theriault, Dance of the Wood Nymphs, 3-plate etching, 9x12

Anne Smith, It‘s two o‘clock, mixed media,10.5x14
Rose Sielian Theriault, Reclined, 4plate etching, 11x14

Rose Sielian Theriault, Go Figure, 3-plate etching, 12x16

Judith Heller-Cassell

Edna Smith, The Pear Lover, oil, 15x15

Rose Sielian Theriault, Five and one half, guache, 15x15

A.Smith, Star View, mixed media, 8x6

Grace Youngren

Judith Heller-Cassell