featured artists
Jane Kaufmann
ceramic sculptures

Cappy Whelan
oil paintings and drawings

Kim Wintje
sewn metal sculptures

Kim Wintje - The day we saw ...

Cappy Whelan - American I Ching

Cappy Whelan - Cast and Easel

Cappy Whelan - Jimmy

Kim Wintje - Toy Chest

Kim Wintje - Nuclear Waste

Kim Wintje - Rotating Priest

current exhibit: little games, naughty tricks and small diversions

October 10 – November 21 2004

Artists’ reception
Sunday Oct 10, 3–5 p.m.

Fosters’ article: “An audacious show at artstream in Rochester”

Cappy Whelan - Explosion

Jane Kaufmann - Small Diversions

Kim Wintje - Weapons of Mass Destruction

Cappy Whelan - Butler, NJ

Cappy Whelan - Untitled


Kim Wintje - Stewart

Jane Kaufmann - Bed of Roses

Jane Kaufmann - Just Desserts

Kim Wintje - Bushdog