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pigmentary portraits
new works by lisa solomon & lisa congdon

July 18 - September 4 2008


For their joint exhibition at artstream in Rochester, NH, Bay Area artists Lisa Congdon and Lisa Solomon are exploring a selected palette.

In their own ways they will research and investigate the historical origins of Indigo and Cobalt blue, Indian and Ochre yellow, Verdigris and Malachite green, Vermillion and Alizarin red, Cadmium and Realgar orange, Tyrian and Mars Violet purple, Gofun Shirayuki white, and Ivory/Bone black.

Their hope is to create a portrait of each pigment - through which they may somehow reconnect with the alchemy of colors' past.

Firm believers in the idea that one's materials can only enhance and contextualize one's work, both are interested in exploring where these pigments come from and how to present their findings in a visually rich language.

artstream gallery, rochester, 56 north main street, nh 03867, 603-330-0333