2015 will offer workshops with:

Amy Ruppel, Rachel Blumberg, Mimi Kirchner, Jane Eslinger and Susan Schwake

Mixed Media on Wood Dye-na-flow Fabric Painting Little Worlds Badges of Courage Etched Wax Drawings Screen Printing on Clay Go out and Watercolor Playful Printmaking Copper Enameling Creativity Toolbox

The Magical World of Mixed Media and Acrylic Painting on Wood - Rachel Blumberg

Painting with acrylic paints is a unique experience.  Besides using them straight out of the tube, you can use glazing medium, water them down and do light washes, do dry brush technique, and use many other methods to create beautiful layers in your work. This is especially true because they dry so quickly! Add to this paper collage, including images from magazines and old books, bits of paper doily, paper with embossed designs, and other paper ephemera, and you have a whole new way to build up rich layers and textures in your painting. In this class we are going to go over all these different techniques,  and then have some fun experimenting and applying  them to our own work.

Fabric Painting with Dye-Na-Flow Inks - Rachel Blumberg

Make a hand painted tea towel! Or a wall hanging! Or a curtain! In this class we are going to paint on flour sack towels with Dye- Na-Flow fabric ink. This particular medium comes in many beautiful colors and is extremely flexible. You can make the lightest of washes or the darkest of strokes. You can do wet on wet technique, much like watercolors, to get all sorts of beautiful effects. Once your painting is done we will heat-set your piece and it becomes machine washable. In this class we will learn about these techniques and approaches to using this ink and fabric, and make our own pieces! At the end you will have something beautiful to use in the kitchen or hang on the wall. You can even frame the pieces in an embroidery hoop! There are a million and one ways to use this hand-painted fabric.

Little Worlds (full day) - Mimi Kirchner

Make a Tiny World pincushion! Bring a tea cup and build your own fantasy hill top on a solid wool ball. The class is for beginners (should be able to thread a needle) to experts. The class is designed to be relaxing and fun with everyone inspiring each other. All materials are included except the tea cup.

Badges of Courage (and other felt stories) - Mimi Kirchner

Are you the master cookie baker? The one who sews circles around the rest of the crowd? Did you just survive the teenage years? Contributor to a book or magazine? How about reaching a lofty goal?
Tell the world and yourself how good it feels with Mimi Kirchner's Badge of Courage class. Just like those generals with a chest full of brass - you too can get a little bit proud of yourself because you made the grade and created the award. Affirmations come in all sorts of ways - these beauties will come in felt and metal with a lot of fun to go along with the words "I did it!"

Etched Wax Drawings -Amy Ruppel

Like creating scratchboard art, but with oil pigments and beeswax instead! Learn how to coat a wood panel in wax, then scratch a drawing into the surface to fill with light oil paint to create a long-lasting relief work of art. Hands on goodness and calming beeswax scents provided.

Screen Printing on Clay - Susan Schwake

Learn an exciting surface design technique for your clay project - create a beautiful platter or bowl with handbuilding processes in clay.


Get out and play with Watercolor - Susan Schwake

Inspired by the island's flora and shoreline. Susan will lead you through mark making, color mixing and playful watercolor painting. Abstraction from nature to inspired representations – each individual’s style will emerge in this process!

Playful Printmaking - Susan Schwake

Using a slab of gelatin and water-based inks we will create a large number of prints that are not only spontaneous, but also fearless by nature. Many can be used for backgrounds and collages and some will be finished prints.

Copper Enamel Jewelry - Jane Eslinger

Do you remember enameling at camp when you were a kid? Well here you are at grown-up camp and able to do it all over again! You will use our beautiful lakeside setting as inspiration and create a colorful fish pendant using powdered enamels on copper. In addition to the pendant you can make a pair of earrings - you'll even learn how to make your ear wires out of sterling silver.

Your Creativity Tool Box (with love from ARC) - Jane Eslinger

So you love ARC and all the wonderful workshops and new art you've made. You're all fired up on a creative wave and ready to take it back to heart and home. How do you keep this creativity ball rolling as you land back in your daily routine?
Take this workshop to find out!
You will learn several practical, powerful techniques including qigong, mindfulness, visual and written journaling, and how to weave them together into a tool box for creative and personal empowerment.
You CAN take your ARC experience home with you!


Morning Program - Qigong

You will have the opportunity to practice Qigong, a 5000 year old system of moving meditation developed in China, designed to bring body, breath and mind into alignment for health, balance and well-being. Like 'prana', its Hindu counterpart in yoga , Qi means 'breath' and is considered to be the life-force energy of the universe and ever-evolving nature,  and 'gong' is translated as 'effort' or 'cultivation'. The gentle rhythmic movement of Qigong coordinates slow flowing movement with deep breathing to create a calm state of mind and focused intention.

On the beach surrounded by beautiful Newfound Lake, a few minutes of Qigong will cultivate and channel  your energy for better concentration, and will inspire and support your creativity as you participate in the wonderful workshops available at ARC.


Evening Programs - an extension of your creative day

  • Embellish your bag evening
    Bead, stamp, paint your canvas bag!
  • Dip dye textiles Learn some dyeing techniques and make your own fabulous scarf
  • Musical program with Rachel Blumberg and guests
  • Henna drawings with Bella and Chloe
  • Campfire s'mores